Top 5 Things to do at Oremfest

The most fun-loving time of the year has come! Growing up in Orem, everyone knows that Summer officially begins with Orem Fest. Is everyone ready to have the best summer?

Here are the Top 5 things to do at Orem Fest!



5. REv Road Rally

Kick off Orem Fest with a night at Scera Park. This night packed with amazing vehicles and activities for the kids will be the perfect Orem Fest event to kick off your week.  Did I mention there is also going to be a FREE HOT DOG Dinner for the first 2,000 attendees.

Come enjoy the fantastic cars and games for a night of fun with the family.


WHEN: JUNE 5 from 6 PM to 8 PM

WHERE: Scera Park

  •  Free Hot Dog Dinner for first 2,000 attendees
  • 100+ Amazing Vehicles
  • Games and Activities for the Kids

4. summer pool partY

Nothing says like summer like a night at the pool. Admission is half price and there is free ice cream at the gate! Bring your family and friends to a refreshing day at the pool. With games and prizes, this event will guarantee a night of laughter and fun for the whole family.


WHEN: JUNE 6 starting at 6 PM


  • Games and Prizes
  • Free Ice cream at the gates
  • Half-priced swimming
  • Discounted concessions

3. Family Day

My favorite day has to be the family day. This day is packed with so many fun activities, games, and music for kids of all ages. You won’t want to miss this one. 

WHEN: JUNE 8 at 12-10 PM


  • Activities for the Kids
  • Live Music
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest – Apply Now
  • Pie Eating Contest – Apply Now
  • Scales and Tails Live Animal Shows
  • Zumba in the Park

2. Grand Parade

One thing Orem is known for is the Oremfest grand parade. With flouts and music, this is a day you want to bring the whole family together to watch. Orem always kicks off parade season, the greatest time for summer.




  • No saving spots along the parade route until Friday, June 9th at 8 am.
  • Parade starts at 800 S & 800 E and turns left on Center St. 
  • Please do not let your children run out into the street during the parade. We want to keep everyone safe!

1. Fireworks

To wrap up Oremfest week, there will be fireworks. This is a tradition that has been going for years, and it’s the perfect way to end the week!

WHEN: JUNE 10 AT 9:45 PM



  • Watch the fireworks from nearly anywhere in Orem but many recommend being on-site for the biggest oooo’s and aaaah’s
  • Fireworks will end at 10 pm and we kindly ask that you leave the park ASAP so that crews can begin the long clean-up process