Honoring American Legion Post 72

The City of Orem will be honoring American Legion Post 72 this year at Oremfest.

Orem’s American Legion Post 72 is an organization that has been serving the veterans and youth in the City of Orem for decades, with a primary focus on providing for the needs of veterans in the community. Membership of the Post is composed of veterans from WWII, Korea, Panama, Granada, Vietnam, and the modern Middle Eastern conflicts. The Post is also committed to serving the community through supporting civic organizations.

“The Post is a family organization,” says City Council Member Tom Macdonald. “The fact that they keep the memory of our veterans alive is wonderful.”

For the city, the Post provides programs during Memorial Day, Oremfest and Veteren’s Day. As well, they maintain and set up the veterans’ cross project each year at the Orem City Cemetery to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by local veterans.  

Be The One campaign is a Post initiative encouraging American Legion’s members, veterans, service and community members to take action when they believe a veteran is at risk of suicide. Actions include non-veterans listening when a veteran needs to talk. There is an alarming number of veteran suicide, but you can “be the one” to make a difference and save a life. 

George Van de Water, a member of the Post for the last 27 years and Chair of Orem’s Heritage Commission, explains the major youth programs that take place in Orem schools. One program allows Orem Juniors and Seniors to travel up to Weber State University and learn how the political process takes place. There, they can receive 3 college credits.

“When I grew up during WW2 I lost my dad. So, I have a different outlook about what the county’s like and why it’s important to be involved,” says Van der Water. “That’s what our youth programs are designed around, being involved.”

Monthly, the Post completes 200-500 hours of service in Orem and across Utah describes member Kelly Kirkpatrick.

American Legion Post 72 truly brings a sense of comradery to Orem City.